Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Last day in Europe: London England

Tomorrow we go home to Canada. I miss Canada. Not the weather though. It's been so nice to have temperatures in the low double digits. Oh yea.

A few final thoughts.

Canadians are polite. I never realized that before. Now I do.

I thought the British ate scones. But they are very hard to find. I had one today at the British museum.

The black cabs. Which aren't always black.

The phone booths.

The pub last night. Johanna is drinking a Guinness. I asked for a Smithwicks. The bartender didn't know what a Smithwicks was. I am not kidding. Seems you can only get Smithwicks in Ireland. So sad.

Good-bye London

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  1. Your blogs brought back a lot of memories Pat...Thanks Judy