Saturday, October 24, 2020

In the woods with the Maloney sisters

The four sisters had a weekend away last weekend at our cabin in the Lanark Highlands. The weather was perfect with no rain. We went for walks. I cooked and the sisters did the dishes which is fine by me.

The electricity went out Saturday night for a couple of hours but we had already eaten so it was fine. We also heard wolves calling to each other. Not my favourite thing but Barb loved it. It gives me the willies hearing them.

We were also able to look at the stars when it got dark with no city lights to hinder the amazing sky. 

It was a blessed beautiful weekend. Thank you God.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Pro-life prayers

We've added prayers to our morning prayer time in front of Mother Mary at the church.

Beautiful. Here they are.

Mass at Assumption Parish Ottawa

Maureen and I went to Assumption Parish on Sunday. What a beautiful church. What a beautiful service. Simple. No singing. Good short homily. The priest said this:
"Jesus has sweet words for us...come to me all who are burdened...the Mass is the source and summit of our life...the Eucharist was all taken away from us. All the signs of our fruits, our buildings were closed...not only should be open our churches...the government would not even consider them essential services...we must open our hearts...if we find it burdensome Jesus asks us to come to God and my all"
And the church has a crucifix. Amen to that.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Attending Mass and Receiving Holy Communion

Maureen and I went to Mass today at St. Patrick's Basilica in Ottawa. It was my first time since March 15. It was stinking hot and we wore our masks in the car like good CCP Virus protected citizens.

Our sister Barb attended Mass at St. Monica's, and our friend Madeleine attended Mass at St. Mary's.

What a blessing, thank you God. We are a gaggle of happy ladies.

I was also in the Annunciation of the Lord this week where for the first time ever, I witnessed the tabernacle on the altar, along with a small but actual Crucifix, Our Blessed Mother and a beautiful image of Jesus Christ. I stayed for a minute and prayed to our Good Lord in thanksgiving.

It was a week of two miracles. What could be better than that?