Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rally in support of Iraqi Christians

From Archbishop Prendergast website:
"On Saturday, September 6, starting at 1:00 p.m., the Most Reverend Terrence Prendergast, SJ, Archbishop of Ottawa, along with other religious leaders, will speak at the rally for persecuted  Iraqi Christians and other minorities on Parliament Hill. 
The rally is taking place to raise awareness of the plight of, and show our support for, Christians and other religious minorities experiencing inhumane persecution in Iraq at the hands of ISIS.  
The goals of the rally are: to recognize the Canadian Government’s efforts to date in helping our unfortunate brothers and sisters in Iraq and to encourage it to do more by opening our doors wider to provide greater numbers with safe shelter; to work more closely with the world community to see these daily atrocities permanently stopped; and to give Canadians an opportunity to come to the Hill to voice their concerns about this potential genocide."
All the speakers were excellent.

Here is a playlist of the speeches that Maureen has uploaded.

Here are some pictures from the rally.