Sunday, December 2, 2018

Day 7 in Europe: London England Harrods and high tea

After Mass Johanna and I made our way to Harrods department store. It was quite the trek. We started out on the hop on hop off bus. But there was a traffic jam of some sort. So we got off the bus and walked the rest of the way.

You see, when you are in London there are some important things one needs to know about.

  • There are about a gazillion people everywhere you go. Side streets are better for walking.
  • There are traffic jams on all the main streets. Always.
  • Cars always have the right of way.
  • Don't try and cross the street unless you have the walk sign, and look both ways multiple times.
  • When you enter Harrods department store, you do it with a gazillion other people.
We finally found the tea room on the fourth floor. You get the usual tea, frou frou sandwiches, little desserts, and scones/clotted cream/jam. The scones/clotted cream/jam were he best I have ever eaten. The rest was okay but not great. The service was mediocre. We both agreed that our expectations were much higher. For the cost I would suggest a person could probably find a much better deal somewhere else in London. And there probably wouldn't be a gazillion people going to the place with you.

The store itself was very glitzy. The few items I looked at, as in picking it up and trying to find a price tag, had no price tag. That told me everything I needed to know.

In fact, all of the food we have eaten while in London has been much better than the food at Harrods. Yesterday we had great food at a pub at lunch (fish and chips and a Philly cheese sandwich), and for supper we ate at a place called Crazy Salad and had some excellent wraps. And we've also been pleasantly surprised that except for Harrods, the food has been cheaper than we expected.

Sorry Harrods but I cannot lie.

Once we left Harrods we ended up walking all the way back to our hotel. We walked 13 KM today. We are walking about an average of 10-12 km a day. When we got home we both flopped on the bed. Jo read and I watched TV. Today we were the tiredest. I think it was the gazillions of people today that really wore us out.

Hyde Park

In front of Harrods

Glitzy ceiling

More Glitz

Marble arch. Used to be near Buckingham Palace. But it blocked Queen Victoria's view. So they moved it. I am not kidding.

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  1. Very cute!! Too bad about Harrods haha! I guess it is very touristy so they can charge a lot!