Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Eucharistic Miracles retreat

This past Saturday Maureen and I attended a Eucharistic Miracles retreat in Ottawa at St. Mary's parish. It was given by Fr. Mark Goring of the Companions of the Cross. (Fr. Mark also does short YouTube videos everyday about the Catholic faith.)

It was an amazing retreat.

As Catholics we believe that in the Mass, transubstantiation takes place. This is when the priest consecrates the unleavened bread (host) into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ. The host is then called the Consecrated Host. We believe this is literally the Body and Blood of Jesus.

The retreat described numerous miracles from over the centuries where the Consecrated Host took on the appearance of human tissue/human blood. In current times scientists have analyzed these specimens from these miracles. It makes for interesting reading, not all of which I understand as they get into the scientific results of these tests, identifying cardiac specimens of live flesh, and blood types (always AB positive), etc.The miracles that have been approved by the Church are all listed here

For the miracles from centuries ago, obviously there was no scientific testing done, but there were other phenomena identified. Below I include the links from the recent approved miracles which detail some of the scientific testing done on the specimens.


Buenos Aires, 1992 - 1994 - 1996 (part 1)
 - (PDF: 1.46M)
Buenos Aires, 1992 - 1994 - 1996 (part 2) - (PDF: 1.42M)
Buenos Aires, 1992 - 1994 - 1996 (part 3) - (PDF: 1.25M)  

Italy (testing was done in 1970-71 and 1981)
Lanciano, 750 A.D. (part 1) – (PDF: 186k)
Lanciano, 750 A.D. (part 2) – (PDF: 194k)

So why is Jesus's blood always AB Positive?
"Rarity of the AB blood type among the human population
Together the AB blood type (both positive and negative) is one of the rarest of the human blood types, with only approximately 3.4 percent of the world population having AB+, and only 0.6 percent of the population with AB-.

AB blood type and its universal receptivity
What makes the AB blood type even more special is that people who have AB blood can receive blood from anyone, and are therefore known as “universal recipients”, unlike all other blood types who can only receive from other specific blood types. Therefore AB blood type is referred to as the "Universal Receiver" blood type. 
So what to make of the universal receptivity of Jesus blood type?
So this begs the question--why would Jesus’ blood be universally receptive by all the blood types of humanity? What could this signify? Well, this is where Science and Faith may very well merge. 
In the Eucharist, we often speak of “receiving” Jesus in Holy Communion.  When we consume the Eucharist, Jesus literally unites and becomes one with us, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity."
Part 1 of  Fr. Mark's retreat

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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  1. Thank you for this post. Father Mark Goring is an exceptional Priest. We have much to learn from what he says.