Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The confusion that is the Catholic Church

"I want to spend Eternity in Heaven" Fr. Mark Goring
I can't help but wonder why I never hear anything about the disaster that is the Catholic Church right now--from our Canadian Catholic clergy. The only Canadian clergy I have heard speak up, is Fr. Mark Goring. And now Fr. Mark is in the penalty box.

(Patrick Coffin speaks to Fr. Mark Goring. Thanks Patrick Coffin and Fr. Mark Goring.)

I spoke recently to a very faithful and holy Catholic priest about this silence. He felt that there is actually little knowledge/awareness from rank and file Catholics about what is happening now in the Church. Which absolutely stunned me. How could that be?

And then I remembered what someone told me recently about Justin Trudeau and one of his supporters, many of whom are Catholic. An elderly woman made an announcement to a group of people she was with at a Catholic meeting. She told them that Justin Trudeau was humbled after the election. And that he was going to start listening to people.

She was serious. It made me want to cry.

I went looking for where this poor woman might have reached this crazy conclusion and found this editorial in the Catholic Register.
"It was a humbled Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who indulged the media after his Liberal Party was returned grudgingly to Ottawa with a minority government. 
The virtue of humility, as Pope Francis reminds us, is the bedrock of character. It should be widely abundant across society yet often is dismally lacking, particularly among political leaders and especially at election time.  So if one outcome of the Oct. 21 vote is less arrogance in Ottawa, then strike up a small victory for Canadians. 
Trudeau acknowledged that voters “gave me a lot to think about” and that he heard their message “to work together, to listen to each other, to figure out a way to move forward that isn’t as divisive.” He promised to “reflect” on all of this. Then he made this promise: 
“It’s extremely important that the government works for all Canadians, as I have endeavoured to do over the past years and as I will do even more now, deliberately,” he pledged."
(I've come to realize after reading the Catholic Register for two years--with very few exceptions--that it is an extremely liberal paper. I don't read it anymore,)

Every faithful Catholic who follows politics in Canada (even a tiny speck) knows that Justin Trudeau is not humbled. He does not work for all Canadians. He excludes Catholics and pro-life people from his so-called inclusiveness, including getting funds from the tax payer funded Canadian Summer Jobs Program, and barring pro-life people from being an MP in the Liberal party. Will Trudeau change those discriminatory policies? I don't think so.

And he sucks in little old Catholic women like he did above.

We do have faithful Catholic commentators like Taylor Marshall, Patrick Coffin, John-Henry Weston and Michael Voris. Some people may not like their style but they speak the truth. And since our clergy doesn't speak up we have no choice but to listen to these Catholic commentators.

There are also many American Bishops who speak up, like Cardinal Burke, Athanasius Schneider, and Bishop Strickland to name but a few. But I haven't heard Canadian bishops speak up on this Catholic dumpster fire. And that makes me very sad.

(Note: Patrick has a great suggestion with what to do with Justin Trudeau--send him to Germany--you'll have to listen to his podcast above to know why.)

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