Saturday, March 25, 2017

Vancouver Island in March

Victoria has had a cold and rainy March. When we came here two years ago it was much warmer and spring was in full bloom. Not this time.


Ottawa has been having a horrible snowy, cold, freezing rain, disgusting March. We are so glad we aren't in Ottawa. Thank you God.

Pictures below are from Victoria, Sidney and Nanaimo.

Parliament buildings and harbour in Victoria

Sea lion in Sidney

Harbour in Nanaimo

Cute little tug boats in Nanaimo Harbour

...and cute little sea plane

Do you believe this guy?

Do you believe this guy?

Now this is obviously a Nanaimo bar, a must to eat if you're in Nanaimo. Now for the record Fred ate it and not me. Really. He said it was pretty good.

Nanaimo harbour again

There were three peacocks that day in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria

You looking at me?

Love that trunk

Pretty in red

...and blue

...and greenish yellow

Guess who found Smithwick's Beer? Yum

And I finally figured out where Victoria got its name

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