Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Please pray for the people of North Korea and China

Jordan Peterson: Tyranny, Slavery and Columbia U | Yeonmi Park

This is a real eye opener discussion with Yeonmi Park on North Korea. It is over two hours long and well worth listening to. People are literally starved; most people die before the age of 60; sex slaves and rape; there are three levels of prisons with the worse one being concentration camps where you never leave and your children are born there; if a family member does or says anything against the state, not only are they imprisoned, but their entire family will be punished; they have no electricity; no maps of the world; no internet; you cannot turn off your radio in your house as it continually plays communist propaganda; and lots more diabolical satanic realities. 

From the Economist:

There is a special place in Hell for what's his face with the bad haircut if he doesn't repent.

After listening to it I can see where the western world will end up if we don't stop being woke. Also worthwhile to note is the role China plays in North Korea's disgusting regime.

Justin Trudeau are you listening?

Even if you don't listen to the podcast please pray for the people of North Korea and China. I am now trying to pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet every day for them from now on.

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