Saturday, January 19, 2019

I will not say one word on this

The Roman Catholic Church is in a mess. I am a Roman Catholic. I love my church. But I am really sad, angry and disgusted because there has been no resolution to the mess we are in.

Of course I am talking about the sex scandal in the Church, about Theodore McCarrick, and about the very credible letters written by Carlo Maria ViganĂ² regarding the scandal.

The good news, if there can be any good news in this unprecedented failure of our church, is that there are some very good vocal lay people out there who are speaking about this diabolical, demonic train wreck. Namely Dr. Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon, Patrick Coffin, and the Church Militant, Michael Voris. From this vocal laity, I have learned a lot about the Vatican and clergy that I would never have known otherwise. Education is always a good thing, and believe me, I am being educated.

But nearly no clergy is speaking out. There was one courageous member of the clergy who spoke out, Fr. Mark Goring. But he has recently been shut down. All of his videos on the scandal have been removed. This made me very sad indeed. God bless you Fr. Goring for your bravery.

Bishop Robert Barron also spoke out. But since August 2018 Bishop Barron has been silent.

And what did Pope Francis say?
"I will not say one word on this". 
With all due respect to Pope Francis, this was a horrible response to a very very serious situation.

The most thanks go to Archbishop ViganĂ². This man is an absolute treasure and probably a saint. God protect him.

At the moment it is the laity who are keeping the story alive. I can only imagine that the Vatican isn't too happy with this fact. There is of course a solution to this. The Vatican can tell us the truth of what has been going on. They can appoint a lay team to investigate and report back to the faithful.

To all those clergy who are covering up the truth, you can't hide from God. The truth will come out eventually. It always does. In the meantime, if Pope Francis will not say a single word, the laity will go to the laity to learn. The clergy can speak up at any time. And stop Jesus from being scourged. Over and over again.

As Dr. Taylor Marshall and others have said: Pray the rosary, pray for the Pope, pray for the bishops, pray for the cardinals, live your vocation, be a holy priest or holy religious, be a holy dad or mom, be a holy kid.

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