Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Day 3 in Europe: Basel Switzerland

This morning I went to Mass again at St. Clara's church. The Mass was said in Swiss/German, and again I stayed for adoration.

I then bought a whack of chocolates to bring home. I mean I'm in Switzerland right? You buy chocolates. And oh boy, are they good. I hope they fit into my suitcase.

After lunch I took the city bus tour of Basel. The pictures below are all from my walking though. The beauty of walking as opposed to a bus tour is that you can spend more time. The pictures below are only a fraction of the ones I took. Lots of the Rhine river.

The very last picture below is where the bus stops and you can see a tall spire that represents where the three countries meet: Switzerland, France and Germany. In fact they actually converge in the Rhine River. But I think if you stood at that actual point you might get, you know, wet.

The pictures of the Cathedral below are the Munster Church. It was originally a Catholic Church, and is now a Reformed Protestant church. That's happened to a lot of Churches here. Or else they aren't churches at all any more.

I now have a translation from the plaque from yesterday's post (thanks to Jacek and Barb for that).

There were a whole bunch of plaques in the courtyard on the walls of Munster, some in Latin, some in either German or Swiss. I started taking pics of them but there were far too many. Plus I couldn't read them anyway. But I bet they are really informative. 

Tomorrow we fly to London.

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