Thursday, June 11, 2015

GK Chesterton - Hell is a place to be avoided

More from Jousting with the Devil by Fr. Bob Wild on GK Chesterton.

From Page 25:
"Often mystics testify that before they received extraordinary graces they experienced a very profound and painful awareness of their sinfulness. This is a purification to prepare them for the beauties about to be revealed to them, and the graces they will receive. Perhaps these experiences of desolation are also given to the mystics to ground them in humility before the reception of more positive and exalted gifts of the Spirit.When Chesterton was asked what he thought about hell he replied that he had never been there himself, nor did he know anyone who had been there; but he understood it was a place to be avoided. But even if he hadn't been there, could he have been given a taste of hell?"

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