Monday, March 4, 2013

The Existence of God

 Fr. Terry Donohue is giving our Parish a Lenten mission for three nights.

Last night Father Terry explained the intellectual reasons for believing God's existence, and for believing that Jesus is, who he says he is. His talk last night, was "from the head" approach as he said.

He uses physics and philosophy in this part one of his talks.

Tonight and tomorrow night he'll speak to the Faith aspect for the existence of God.

Here are his five reasons for the Existence of God that he goes into detail on:

- The need for an uncaused cause
- The universe had a beginning
- The fine-tuning of the laws of nature
- Modern day miracles
- Moral obligation

It's a great talk and it leaves me with two questions I'd love to ask Richard Dawkins.

1) How does Dawkins explain the origin of life (I think even Dawkins admits he can't answer this question)?

2) How does Dawkins explain bone fide modern day miracles?

Fr. Terry also does a great job in discussing the Resurrection.

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