Friday, March 27, 2015

Ogden Point and Floating Village

This morning we walked for 2 and a half hours around Ogden Point, and the floating village, which is a tiny neighbourhood with cutsie pootsie houses on the wharf. Adorable.

To get out to Ogden Point which has a lighthouse, there is a long boardwalk. The fog was very thick out there.

We saw some seals on our walk to the lighthouse but couldn't get a picture of it. Actually just when we saw it, a guy asked us if we'd like to both get our picture taken, which we did. But by the time he was finished, the seal was too far away to see. That picture was taken with my camera and not the tablet, so you won't see it below.

The pictures below are out of order but I'm not going to fix them. I need to take a nap instead.


  1. Wow, that place looks awesome! Is it walkable from where you are staying? have a good nap xo

    1. Yes, but the entire walk there and back was the two and a half hours I mentioned. We were pooped when done! Xo