Friday, May 30, 2014

My pilgrimage to Poland - Wszystkich Swietych

Maureen's video of our trip into Krakow All Saints old town square.

On Sunday afternoon we had some free time so Maureen, Anna-Marie and I took the bus into Krakow to do a bit of shopping in the square there. Stan brought us to the bus stop and spoke to some people for us on where we should get off the bus.

I was supposed to ask for Wszystkich Swietych (All Saints old town square). Will someone please tell me how one is supposed to pronounce words that have eight consonants and two vowels? Because I have no idea. I thought if I tried pronouncing it phonetically, maybe that would help. So Stan, our fellow Polish pilgrim and superb guide, told me to say Fshistkich Shventi. When I tried pronouncing it Stan laughed his head off. I wonder why?

We had perogies and beer. Definitely the best beer in my entire life IT WAS SO GOOD.

There was also a marathon coming in that day.

Anyway we had an angel on the bus tell us where to get off coming into town, and on the way back we had another angel tell us when to get off on the way back.

Miraculous really.

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