Friday, May 30, 2014

My pilgrimage to Poland - Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe

Maximilian Kolbe was an amazing man.
"Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, O.F.M. Conv., (Polish: Maksymilian Maria Kolbe [maksɨˌmiljan ˌmarja ˈkɔlbɛ]; 8 January 1894 – 14 August 1941) was a Polish Conventual Franciscan friar, who volunteered to die in place of a stranger in the Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz, located in German-occupied Poland during World War II."
His "Immaculata friars utilized the most modern printing and administrative techniques in publishing catechetical and devotional tracts, a daily newspaper with a circulation of 230,000 and a monthly magazine with a circulation of over one million. Kolbe also used radio to spread his Catholic faith and to speak out against the atrocities of the Nazi regime. He is the only canonized saint to have held an amateur radio license, with the call sign SP3RN.
He also had a volunteer fire department made up of his friars which exists to this day. Maximilian used the press for his works. I think I will adopt him as my patron saint.

Pictures from his museum. He built the chapel below.

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