Monday, May 26, 2014

Journey into the Mercy of God - my pilgrimage to Poland

Last week I returned from my pilgrimage to Poland. What an amazing trip it was. My daughter asked me yesterday if the trip increased my faith. I have to say it did. In many ways.

The Polish people have a remarkable faith. It's probably what allowed them to survive many horrors.

So I will be blogging about the trip over the next little while. I'll be posting pictures, some videos (taken by my sister Maureen), and stories along the way.

A special thanks to Stan and Maria for their wonderful planning of the trip, and to Fr. Lawrence, Fr. Simon, and Deacon Bryan for their spiritual guidance along the way. All in all the trip was amazing.

We learned about the many saints of Poland. About the leadership of these men and women who stood up for their faith, who led their people out of communism, and some of whom died for their faith.

The most important thing I learned was about God's abundant Mercy. That God loves us. That we must trust him. And that we too are called to be merciful. If we all could follow these three points, I think we'd all be good to go.

Jezu Ufam Tobie - Jesus I trust in you.

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  1. Incredible photos Mom! That second photo looks like it is from the Planty, that park around the Old Town in Krakow that I was telling you about.
    Love Jo