Friday, July 11, 2014

My Pilgrimage to Poland - Good bye Poland

Maureen and I had planned to kiss the ground in Poland when we arrived. Well it never quite happened that way.

Maureen did kiss the ground at the Divine Mercy Centre. It was the day we saw the miraculous rainbow, Maureen was so happy that she did a happy dance, and then she kissed the ground in joy.

By the time we were at the Krakow airport on our way home, I remembered that I still hadn't kissed the ground yet. Maureen said, it's still not too late, hurry up and get outside and you can kiss it. So outside we ran. Where there was a lot of pavement. I said yuck, we have to go to some grass, which I promptly did.

Maureen had my camera and noticed some workmen who were watching our shenanigans. They were laughing and Maureen laughingly explained to them that I hadn't kissed the ground yet. They continued to laugh and I'm pretty sure they didn't understand a word she said.

When our flight was finally called, we all exited the terminal and were herded onto a bus. Where we waited for about 30 minutes. Standing room only. Finally, the bus started to move. And it travelled all of about about 200 feet. When we all got off the bus. Sheesh. We could have walked that. Then up the stairs to the plane we went.

Bye bye Poland. We love you. Jezu Ufam Tobie.

(A few more pictures below. Pictures that never made it to any of my other posts. But that I liked.)

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