Friday, November 18, 2016

When people flocked to Mary in Ottawa 1947

The provincial promotional office Ciné-Québec presents the Marian Congress in Ottawa, June 1947.

A tribute to His Excellency Archbishop Alexandre Vachon, Archbishop of Ottawa

A film by Fr. Maurice Proulx

"The great serenity instilled within countless faithful by preaching and prayer will never be known.
The anonymous face of this throng will never reveal the individual exaltations of consciences, the hidden, intimate shared joy. 
Transcending the divisions of languages and borders, the universal Catholic Church here offers the comfort of true faith and many are they who come to draw from it. 
The Heads of State whose daily task is the life of a nation. 
The great and the humble, the weak who no longer feel tired, the sick who smile in the blazing sun, the pious and the reluctant who ask for strength, the strong who seek prudence, the unbelievers who are surprised at being shaken, the skeptics who look on astonished and cannot avert their eyes, the curious or the sincere, they all wanted to go to the Virgin, and grace lined their way."

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