Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trees in Victoria

I'm afraid I went a bit nuts on the trees. They were just so big. And beautiful. And old. And sometimes mossy. Most of these pictures are from Butchart Gardens and Cathedral Grove.

I tried to capture the sheer size of the trees, but it was difficult.

Because the air is so moist you'll notice that many of the trees are covered in moss.

You'll also notice fallen trees, sometimes with their roots out of the ground. These fallen trees are all from Cathedral Grove.

I don't know but I think that some of God's most magnificent creations are the trees.

This growth is growing along the bark from a fallen tree.

These two trees are fallen from a different time. Not sure how this could even happen.

You can see the fallen tree with its root in the foreground.

Johanna and Fred in front of a mammoth root from a fallen tree.

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  1. Last Sunday and In this weeks Gospels at mass, the theme is that "He is vine and we are the branches" Pat, you are bang on when you say, " I think that some of God's most magnificent creatures are the trees." We, as God's children need to be rooted in Gospel values.